Tuesday, October 4, 2011

shop preview

Autumn is officially here.  Lucy has turned into a little snuggler dog again, and I've had my first (two, actually) New Holland Ichabod pumpkin ales.  And here is an Etsy shop preview full of autumnal goodness.

1950s black and orange striped taffeta skirt.

Reversible green plaid wool cape.

1950s art nouveau print silk dress, by Mancini.

1970s Navajo pattern wool space dyed sweater.

1980s Thierry Mugler Activ western dress.

1950s delft blue floral print blouse, by Macshore Classics.

1950s autumn abstract print dress with wrap bodice and flyaway cuffs, by R&K Originals.

Checked wool sweater coat with shawl collar, by Mur Ellen California.

1960s orange and green striped mod dress.

1950s aqua blue leaf print cardigan, by Petti.

1940s brick red dress--"Debbies" Fashioned by Lampl.

1960s kilim print top, by John Abbott.

1960s mod floral print dress with Peter Pan collar.

1950s hand painted circle skirt.

1950s floral print dress with rhinestone buttons.



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