Monday, October 24, 2011

old books

Oh dear.  It looks like I might have started to collect old books.

Only a few so far.  I was really excited to find that copy of Here Lies: The Collected Stories of Dorothy Parker.  I wonder if books, especially old books, will increase in value as people start using e-readers more and more.

No, no, don't worry.  I'm not stockpiling these like gold, hoping I can retire on the profits of selling them.  Much worse, actually.  I'm just collecting them because I like the author...or thought they were pretty.  For example, I doubt I'll read The Man from Red-Keg.  But what a gorgeous cover!  And I love the author's name.  Eugene Thwing.

Great dust jacket on the Ferber stories.  And I pretty much only bought Jo's Boys for the acorns on the cover.

Sometimes what's inside design-wise is just as exciting as what's on the outside.  Look at these Dorothy Parker endpapers.

I'd like wallpaper made from the Edna Ferber endpapers.



  1. I too love picking up and collecting old books. In fact, sometime, I'll go to my local thirft shop and just browse through them, looking for titles or covers that speak out to me. But hopefully, I'll get the chance to also read them. I hope you read them too!

  2. I also enjoy collecting older books. They look great on the shelf and some, especially early books on etiquette and domestic duties are pretty funny to read.

  3. I LOVE vintage books.. And you've nabbed some beautiful ones. My problem is that I don't often love the stories inside. But still... they're often too pretty to pass up.

  4. There is such an art to good book design and vintage books are especially beautiful. ebooks can never replace this side of books.

  5. I also pick them up because of the covers or titles, who needs to read 'em! he he.
    I thrifted Dorothy Parkers bio the other day and am really enjoying it...what fresh hell is this?

  6. Early books on "domestic duties" are instructional NOT "funny to read"! signed Andy, AKA Mr. Karen


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