Thursday, October 13, 2011

false fall

Last week autumn disappeared here in Michigan and we had sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s.  It was nice, I suppose--nah, I'm lying.  I was ready for fall weather!  Other parts of the US must have experienced the same, as I suddenly sold a string of spring and summer dresses (and they didn't all go to Australia, where you are, I hope, experiencing actual spring and spring-like weather!).  Anyway, it looks and feels like fall again, which is a good thing because pretty much everything in this shop preview is fall-friendly.

1960s burgundy voile ruffled bodice dress.

1950s black Jantzen cardigan with red trim.

1970s autumn buffalo plaid dress, by Bayard Sport.

Op art 1960s top, by Zio Luigi.

1950s navy blue raw silk L'Aiglon dress.

1950s green and gold paisley stripe full skirt.

1960s gray and yellow plaid romper, by Jack Winter.

Rose pointelle sweater.

1950s pinstripe black felt dress.

1960s tapestry coat.

1960s orange and black plaid housedress.

1950s white floral eyelet lace blouse.

1940s red wool dress, by June Bentley.



  1. That opt art shirt is awesome! It's been pretty nice here too, but I'm sure it will be snowing by the end of the month.

  2. It has been getting very spring and more summer like here with every day! Which is evident by the tips of my hair slowly curling more every day. Stoopid humidity!

    But the heat won't stop me wanting that black felt dress and red wool dress! They are both so beautiful!

  3. Plaid dresses are my definition of both!

  4. I agree with D E E R, the plaid is fantastic. Gorgeous selections!


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