Friday, October 21, 2011

cozy up

There's a shop on Etsy that sells cableknit cozies for your home: a knit ottoman, little knit legwarmers for sofa legs, and even an entire cableknit slipcover for a chair!  That's the kind of cozy home decor that looks very appealing right now, with the rainy, blustery, cool fall weather we've had in western Michigan.  

And this shop preview is full of similar cozies: coats, wool, and sweaters galore.

Green and black buffalo plaid wool jacket.

1950s butterscotch check day dress.

1950s golden brown cardigan, by Petti.

1970s bohemian print dress.

1950s plaid pleated wool skirt, by Madison.

1910s or 1920s dress with Grecian embroidery.

Gorgeous fitted mauve Harris tweed blazer.

1960s Mondrian abstract print dress and jacket.

1950s Givenchy for Talbott cardigan with bows on the back.

1950s black and white polka dot dress.

Insanely cute kitty cat and butterflies knit set.

1960s Pendleton wool plaid dress.

Maple leaf cowichan sweater.

1950s striped day dress.

1950s silver beaded snow white cardigan, by Monrose.

 1950s peach nubby knit wiggle dress, by Arkay.

Woolrich Hudson Bay jacket.

1940s floral scalloped bodice crepe dress, by Helene Scott.

1970s folklore embroidered sweater vest.

1960s brown plaid dress with Peter Pan and bow collar, by Bleeker Street.



  1. I'm so in love with the kitty sleep set!

  2. I am making serious eyes at that black with white polka dots dress!

  3. Could you please send me details on the 70's folklore sweater vest before you put it in the shop?? Price/size. <3 it!

  4. What am I going to do with you? First you post about Miss Marple and her tweeds, which puts me off on a major tweed tangent, and now I'm inspired by the super green buffalo plaid.

    That Givenchy for Talbott line was done in 1955, I believe (will double check notes...).

  5. olygirl--I'll let you know when I have all the info for it ready. I don't usually do measurements, etc. until I'm ready to list.

    Lizzie--It *is* 1955. You know how I know? I read your post about it at VFG. :)

  6. Oh my gosh KAREN! That little kitten knit set is just as you say, INSANELY CUTE. Lemme know when you list it!


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