Monday, October 17, 2011

spooky D

We spent last weekend in Detroit, and went to a weird little sale thingy--a cross between a garage sale and an antiques mall--and this fantastically creepy framed little girl came home with me.  The frame is covered in tiny, shallow little dents--as though someone tried to stab it repeatedly with a pen.  *shivers*

This sale also had a huge selection of freaky and disturbing dolls.

Don't just lie there, Snoopy--run!  Look at its eyes...

Creepy clown's head and torso has been separated from its yarn body.

We also happened across this spooky old warehouse that would have been a lot spookier had it not had several other explorers wandering about and a photo shoot happening inside. 

It wasn't all scary stuff, though.  I got to eat at my favorite BBQ joint, drink at a great new cocktail place, and do a wee bit of stocking up.

And we couldn't be too frightened, anyway, because we had this fierce creature along to protect us.  (She crawled up on top of my friend's bag so she could see out the window better, and apparently got very comfortable there.)



  1. Love the first photo and the DOG! Gosh that's a cute dog. Someone in SoCal is adopting out a male that looks like a direct copy of your girl.

  2. Is the doll sitting with Snoopy eyes glowing or is it me? Creeeeepy!

  3. Such a fierce but oh so cute creature! :D

    There's just something about old dolls sitting around in groups in antique and thrift shops that creeps me out.

  4. can't believe how much those doll pics freak me out! I'm not usually scared by dolls but those ones definitely have something sinister going on about them! Love those pup pics, K!


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