Wednesday, October 12, 2011

september snapshots

Boy, did September ever fly by!  It didn't stop me from finding lots to be inspired by.  Evidence below.  (Most of these treasures gathered via my Tumblr, alwaysthesea.)  You can click the collages to make them bigger.

1. Red Riding Hood No. 3 by Henry Peach Robinson, circa 1858. (The Royal Photographic Society)
2. His and her sweaters.  Des Moines, Iowa teenagers, 1947.  Photo by George Skadding.  (Life)
3. Amazing style. (
4. November Moonlight, John Atkinson Grimshaw. (
5. I apparently have a little bit of a thing for Leslie Howard.  I wasn't aware of this until I started seeing his photo pop up on Tumblr.  I feel now like I need to start Netflixing some of his movies.  (falconinthedive)
6. The Night's Watch.  I started following a ton of Game of Thrones Tumblrs this month, most of them pretty funny (Texts from Westeros and Jon Ho--I'm talking about you), but I just thought this was pretty.  (T-Lannister)

1. Have I posted Trainspotting stuff here before?  Probably.  It's one of my favorites.  Just hearing "Lust for Life" brings me right back to 1996 NYC (why does that feel like so long ago?).  And how great is this shot?  (hauntedkathouse)
2. Liverpool street style. (Hoy Fashion)
3. Adorable found photobooth photo!  (AtypicalArt)
4. Eilean Donan castle in Scotland. (stephanrudolph)
5. Oktoberfest!  Spaten beer poster, 1950, Ludwig Hohlwein. (Posters Yeah!)
6. Archery champion Dorothy Smith Cummings, circa 1910-1915. (Library of Congress)



  1. oh yes, that coat from hoy fashion is quite inspiring! happy fall to you!!

  2. everything in this post is just downright delightful! well done, madam :)


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