Monday, August 1, 2011

nature is hot

SiTE: LAB is a cool local non-profit arts group that stages art shows/happenings in non-traditional places in Grand Rapids.  (You can tell they're cool because of the non-traditional usage of upper and lower case letters and punctuation in their name.  Ha ha.)  The first SiTE: LAB show at Grand Rapids' old public museum (which I posted about here and here) was so fantastic, I was really looking forward to their latest show at Grand Rapids' Blandford Nature Center this past weekend.

Cool rustic stick bar serving beer from Brewery Vivant!

There were pretty horses!

And chickens!

I have to be honest and say that I was more taken with the natural beauty of a hazy, golden summer evening at  Blandford than I was with the art.  Not that there was anything wrong with the art.  The pieces I saw were very cool.  And I definitely applaud SiTE: LAB for bringing some of Grand Rapids' lesser known places to the attention of new audiences.

My eyes are closed here.  I think in thankfulness that I hadn't melted or been eaten alive by bugs.  It was an exceptionally hot and humid evening, and I thought for sure the forest paths would be crawling with mosquitos, but I got out sans bites.

 This is the only art piece I photographed.  It was really neat--candles and photographs placed in a stream.  It looked much more beautiful than my blurry photo shows.



  1. Ooh chickens! Sorry, one track mind. The setting for this meetup looks great but probably most certainly competed with the art. Wow, how beautiful.

  2. What a great outing! Great photos, too!

  3. so cool. I love these pictures! Esp the stick bar, the hen close up and the art in the stream. Looks like a fun time. Admittedly LOLed when I read your statement about melting or being eaten alive with bugs! they seem to be not as bad around these parts too. THANK GOODNESS for bats!


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