Sunday, May 16, 2010

michigan--land of riches, part 2

Yeah, yeah, I already made a post about the Michigan--Land of Riches exhibit. Well, here's another one, but it will be the last one, because the exhibit (housed in and showcasing the old Grand Rapids Public Museum) has closed. We went to the closing night party to give it one last look.

It was a lovely evening, and far more successful than Thursday night's outing to the new "1970s punk rock" bar, which serves bottled beer in paper bags. Yep.

I wore a thrifted vintage skirt, vintage sweater, Target belt, and shoes by Report.

Andy looked very sharp in his "new" vintage plaid shirt.

I was not able to verify this, but I want to believe that the big chunk of architecture here in front of the beaver is a piece of my dearly departed Schnitzelbank, (gone now because god knows what Grand Rapids needs is another stinking parking lot). I have no memory of such an architectural detail at the Schnitz--my brain is stuck in a memory haze of their amazing sauerbraten and spaetzel, and their special dark beer--but I took a photo, wanting to believe it was a chunk of the Schnitz.

The DJ, spinning over the museum entrance.

Ghostly fabric representation of the life-size whale that used to be suspended over the museum's main hall.

We met up with our friends Roberta and Mark; it was their first time seeing the exhibit.

I'm so glad we got to view it again. I really hope they'll be able to keep the space open somehow. I think it would be great for concerts, art exhibits, bazaars. It's nice to see something old in this city be revived, rather than bulldozed for a parking lot or TGI Fridays.



  1. isn't it so nice to know that there is so much we haven't discovered even in our own little state? And you're exploring right in your own neighborhood. I love adventurin' even if it's a few miles away. Love that bit of red in your outfit too. :)

  2. I want to go to there.

    A 1970s punk rock bar sounds so good, but paper bags? C'mon!

  3. I love seeing the things you go see (like that big whale eye) and the hub look so charming!
    It breaks my heart to know the I.Miller shoe shop is...covered with signs for......TGIFriday.


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