Wednesday, August 17, 2011

golden days

I'm coming down off a long and lovely weekend visit from very special, dear-to-me friends.  Having sent the boys off to the airport on Monday, I still have a slight case of the blues.  The Michigan weather stayed true to form while they were here, and went from stormy to overcast to sunny to drizzly in record time, but we still managed to get in plenty of three-on-three badminton and even some relaxing floating in the lake.  My cocktail-making skills were put to the test.  But best of all, were the long conversations, just sitting around and talking about everything under the sun--the thing I miss most of all about my old friends.

Anyway, my blues are slightly lifted by contemplation of a possible visit to see them this autumn.  And I'm always cheered by the touch of autumn in the air at this time of year.  The light seems particularly beautiful right now, don't you think?

Here is a preview of items coming to the shop shortly!

1950s olive and brown plaid seersucker dress.

Autumnal paisley print roll collar blouse, by Bobbe Abbott.

1960s silk abstract print shift dress, by Beeline.

1950s super-soft white polo neck sweater with perforated chevrons.

1950s mustard and gold striped dress.

1950s chocolate brown wool box pleated skirt, by Sloat.

Deadstock pink floral scooter dress, by Donnkenny.

Jantzen tartan-trimmed blouse.

1950s hoedown novelty print dress, by Bill Sims Togs.

1950s scalloped collar blouse.

1960s peacock print ruffled jabot neckline dress.

Chambray and stripes little girl's dress.

1950s buttercup stripe day dress.

1950s white eyelet lace blouse.

1960s psychedelic harvest gold shift with pierrot collar.

Cream satin nightgown with lace banded waist.

1950s Bobbie Brooks shirt dress.

1960s scalloped collar dress with bow at neck.

1950s flower and crochet stripe print dress with rhinestone buttons, by Top Mode.



  1. I love both the scalloped pieces! Eee!

  2. Aww, are those friends from NYC? So many of my close pals have left this state, I always miss them. Love that you enjoy badminton too! Best summer game! :)

  3. Lead me not into temptation!!!

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  4. What a wonderful weekend!
    I'll be visiting some interstate friends next month and I think I'll be harbouring a similar case of the blues when I have to leave them behind in Melbourne.

    The scalloped collars on the blouse and dress are ADORABLE!


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