Friday, August 19, 2011

shoes, specs and more

A preview of accessories (more eyeglass frames!) and other items coming to the shop soon.

Black patent platform Doc Martens.

Green leather Doc Martens boots.

1966 Enid Collins Flower Basket V purse.

1970s Pierre Cardin alligator convertible clutch.

Tooled leather saddle bag purse.

Brown plastic Aden eyeglass frames.

1950s striped Shuron browline eyeglass frames.

1950s etched aluminum cat's eye eyeglass frames, by Shuron.

Bausch & Lomb black plastic sunglasses.

Brown plastic eyeglass frames by Titmus.

1977 Viking skull brass belt buckle, by Tofano.

1960s General Electric oscillating fan.

William Box illustrated ice bucket, by Fabcraft. 



  1. Nice DOCS! Wow! I remember about 2 yrs ago I had a pair of glittery black ones that didn't last for long in the shop. Also, I have to see more pics of that last ice bucket, looks fun!


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