Wednesday, August 24, 2011

washington d.c. school trip, 1962

This was a real gem of a find in my family photos: my mom's 1962 high school class trip to Washington D.C. It is showcase of early 60s goodness: fluffy hair (I sense lots of sleeping in rollers!), cat's eye glasses, wonderful coats, and cute print blouses.

I'm pretty sure I squealed when I spotted my mom in this photo.  She's the one in the sassy leopard print blouse!  If only she were standing right next to the nun--that would be amazing.  I'm loving her righthand neighbor's dark coat (and wish I could get a better view of the print on her blouse), and her lefthand neighbor's cable knit cardigan.  Also: girl in lower righthand corner, white blouse, dark cardigan?  I can relate to your expression.

These gals know how to sit in the grass in skirts and not look indecent.  One guess who my favorite is in this photo!  Yes, it's Miss Plaid Coat and Specs in the center.  Footwear appears to be mainly pointy-toe flats--sensible and chic--though I think I might spy a pair of Keds.  I'm also loving the contrasting fabric on the collar and lining of the jacket on the far right, and that bracelet (charm?) on the wrist of the young lady to the left of Miss Plaid.

These jackets!  I'm not sure if I love the giant collars or the no collar with a little bow more.

Loving the contrast of houndstooth coat and polka dot blouse.  Want that coat.  And happy to see a typical-of-the-era shirtwaist dress with Peter Pan collar and roll up sleeves in nature, as it were, as I've sold so many of these.

Oh my.  There is some hair in this photo.  

But I really do love the mosaic print blouse, as well as the floral print cardigan on the gal on the right.  And in the front row--stripes, plaid, and a ruffly-collared blouse with cardigan!  

And not to sound like a grumpy oldster (which I suppose I am), but even with their nearly-bouffant 'dos, these women knock the style socks off the muffin-topped skinny jeans and Ed Hardy t-shirt-wearing teens of today.  Am I being too harsh?  I know not all teens dress this way (I didn't dress the way most other teens of my era did, either.)  Please feel free to chastise me in the comments.



  1. You are not being too harsh! I agree completely. That said, can I just squeal with delight at this picture? Your mother's blouse is fabulous! {If it was me, I would be a tiny bit mad that she didn't save it for me.} Or perhaps she did?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. You look so much like your mom!!! And I LOVE all the coats in this photo. I think I like the little bows on the collars best.

  3. Just love so much that your mom is the one in the leopard print blouse! Meow! And I completely agree w/ you about the teenagers of today. I have many, many young cousins who dress the same ALWAYS and though I love high waisted old 80s denim shorts, my recent least favorite look on teen girls is the super teeny tiny jean shorts with pockets hanging out. Just not cute at all in my book.

  4. Awwww... LOOK at all the cute peter pan collars! This photo is amazing! Thanks for sharing it Karen.

    I'm off to go practice sitting properly on grass in my skirts. :D

  5. Super photo!

    What I love most is that looking presentable was important. There is absolutely nothing sloppy about these young women!

    Okay, the bouffant did not flatter everyone, but it didn't take long for girls to figure that out and to move on to shapes that were sleeker and prettier!

  6. I love a pointy-toed flat. I started wearing them to get around campus in college and I haven't gone back to heels! Yes, most teenagers do dress horribly! There's hope, though. In the nearly ten years that I've been out of high school, people my age have started dressed themselves a little better. I got really tired of seeing my contemporaries' midriffs.

  7. Hi Karen,

    I'm with you 100% when it comes to disliking the way the majority of teens (and really, by extension, people of all ages) dress these days. Sadly, the word "style" simply does not hold the same merit it once did.

    Thank you very much for your visit and comment over at Chronically Vintage. I'm tickled pink to know how much you enjoyed those great 40s styled shoes. It was immensely sweet of you to mention me as the source by which you found them when placing your order, thank you for doing so.

    And thank you for sharing these delightful early 60s snaps with us, I really enjoyed reading your comments and picking my favourite garments and hairstyles from each as I did so, too.

    Cheerful weekend wishes,


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