Wednesday, June 29, 2011

stripes forever

My dad--second from left in plaid shirt--and friends in cool striped shirts, circa late 1940s.

The first items of clothing I ever bought for myself were two striped shirts, identical except for their color (one was red and white, the other blue and white).  I was 12, it was 1981, and I bought these with allowance money earned mowing the lawn.  I think I bought them at the mall.  I was a few years away from being a cool thrift store shopper.

I'm feeling the stripe love again lately.  (Well, honestly, it never left me.  I've posted here previously about my chevron stripe love.)  It started up again in earnest when I saw the Coco avant Chanel biopic, specifically when Audrey Tatou wore a version of the wonderful outfit below.

This got me searching for Breton stripe shirts and sweaters.  (You can read a really interesting history of the Breton sailor shirt in fashion in this old article from The Independent.)  Which also led me to a sometimes-frustrating trip through Etsy on a search for Breton striped items.  So I expanded my search to just striped items, and did find some neat stuff.  Check it out!

Adorable felt Claude brooch, from poosac.

Obviously, it's not just the stripes that make this sundress amazing.  From MsZinski.

Stripes and a bateau neck on this fab sweater from pineapplemint.

Gorgeous 1940s olive and black striped skirt.  From HeyViv.

This striped knit cap with anchor applique from dollsandrobots is so cute--I'm quite disappointed it only comes in children's sizes!

I really wish this amazing green dress from TopSpecialVintage was my size!



  1. Hi - The first item I ever bought myself was a Camel Hair Coat with matching cap at Robert Halls (a department store in our town). My mother gave me the money in an envelope and trusted me to go pick out a coat and pay for it. I was so excited - I must have been about 12 years old.

  2. aaaaaaah, love it all! that picture of your dad is adorable.

    how I wish that little nautical sailboat dress was my size.

  3. I'm digging the stripes and chevrons as well. Thanks for including my sailboat dress. I've considered crash dieting just to fit in that thing! Alas, it's not for me.

  4. thank you so much for posting my sweater! that first dress is so amazing!

  5. Is it possible to wear stripes too often? I stopped doing outfit posts because pretty much I just wear stripes these days! Perhaps its boring, but I'm totally into it. P.S. That family Christmas photo is the best.

  6. It would be really easy to make a hat like the striped one in your size. I would totally wear one. I just adore the Breton-stripe tee. I'm a little aggravated that they've been so popular the last few seasons, because I didn't need Vogue to tell me they were awesome! I hate being "trendy." Grr.

  7. oh wasn't it always so exciting buying clothes for yourself when you were young, each thing felt to special! love that pic of your Dad....

  8. I'm not a huge stripe wearer but I think I really need to give them a proper chance.

    I think the first thing I bought for myself when I was young was a pair of culottes... I had a lot to learn! ;)


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