Tuesday, June 21, 2011

pink gin, pride fest, pinball, pups, and prints

I am trying to get back into the work groove after an enormously fun weekend spent with my best buddies--Stephani, who was visiting us for the weekend, and Andy.

And Lucy, of course.  We took her to Grand Rapids' Pride Fest, where she roundly ignored all the cute little dogs who wanted to get to know her.

It was a weekend of badminton, gin & tonics with bitters, floating on the lake in our new inner tubes (which are silly huge and awesome), duck nachos at Brewery Vivant, and pinball at the Pyramid Scheme.  And I wore my new 1950s Egyptian print cotton dress, which I love, but which I think I might be letting go shortly, as it's just a bit too big in the bodice for me.

It makes me a little sad because I love the print, the piping, and the funky neckline, but I can't keep everything.  Much as I'd like to.

I hope your weekends were fun and relaxing!



  1. that print is great! Nothing like putting on a pretty dress with a pal and going out on the town!

  2. that is a fabulous print!

    sounds like a great weekend! pride is this coming weekend in seattle---i am excited! it is always a fun weekend!

  3. Love the print and neckline on that dress. I definitely see why you want to hold onto it - too cute!

  4. Mmmmmm... gin! :)
    Such a great dress! You can't take the bodice in to fit?

  5. OMG I found a very similar print dress for myself last month and it ripped across the bodice while I soaked it- it must be an ancient curse that these dresses just don't work out for us...


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