Thursday, June 2, 2011

shop preview

These items will be arriving in the shop shortly!

1950s scarlet lace dress with rhinestone buttons.

1950s mustard mini-gingham check blouse.

1970s caffe latte lacy bodice dress.

1950s globe thistle print blouse.

1960s taffeta watercolor floral print blouse and skirt set, by Adelaar.

1970s foliage and stripe print wrap skirt, by Sirena.

1960s pink linen dress, by Lenbarry Casual.

1950s olive silk blouse, by Sloat.

1950s black floral eyelet lace dress.

1960s crepe thistle print blouse with bow at front waist, by Mardi Modes.

1960s mod floral cotton shift (a special listing to benefit Denver's MaxFund no-kill animal shelter).

1970s navy blue and red carnation print dress.

1930s sheer English garden floral print chiffon dress.



  1. Love the mustard blouse!

  2. oh dear, Karen. That 1930s dress is almost too good to be true. I'll be watching your shop very closely these next few days!

  3. i love that pink linen dress and both of the skirts. very pretty. great finds!


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