Tuesday, June 14, 2011

pinball date

The fantasy:

Suzy Parker with Robin Tattersall and Gardner McKay, evening dress by Lanvin-Castillo, Café des Beaux-Arts, August 1956.  Photo by Richard Avedon.

I love that photo.  Partly it's the gloves, shoes, and gorgeous dress, and the men in evening wear...but mostly it's the pinball.  I love pinball, and I've been an avid--if infrequent--player since college.  Luckily, Grand Rapids has a number of bars with good beer on tap and excellent pinball games.  Andy and I have been spending our Thursday night dates testing our skills.

Here's my pinball reality.  Not a party dress, unfortunately, but a more comfortable plaid 1950s day dress, cardigan, and flats.

I feel like I have shared the below image on this blog before.  If I have, I apologize.  But I can't help it: I love old signs painted on the sides of buildings.  And this one--in downtown Grand Rapids--just happens to be my last name.



  1. What a stunning picture! I love your outfit too, v cute! x

  2. oh man, i totally do the "fantasy" and "reality" thing in my head all the time. but you do look cute, even if you aren't playing pinball in a formal dress! :)

  3. I love the sentence... "Here's my pinball reality."

    I would love to challenge you to a tournament... someday we will shake it down in a bar somewhere in the USA. Pinball War!

  4. woah. that first picture is amazing!! i just love that whole scene. back when pinball was kinda new and not so vintage! haha

    for me, it's certainly the dress. although, i really love yours too!!



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