Thursday, June 30, 2011

happiness is

...a big fat stack of books on my bedside table.

What's making you happy?

Read any great books lately?



  1. just started crooked letter, crooked letter. love it.

  2. My nightstand always has a good stack of paperbacks and library books, all topped off with my Kindle. I'm reading about ten different things right now, because I haven't found that book that will just grab me. I hate floundering between books like this, but it happens!

  3. Currently, I'm reading Nancy Mitford's 'Zelda' and am really enjoying it.
    Before that, I read Nam Lee's 'The Boat' and highly recommend it.

  4. My stack is mostly cookbooks right now, isn't that funny? I'm trying to learn a few Indian, Greek, and Japanese recipes for when my taste buds get tired of the same ole' comfortable dinner favorites. what a cute little bedside table you've got there, Karen!

  5. i agree. my night stand always has no less than 3 books, right now i am reading the biography of Natalie Barney, i love biographies of cool women.

  6. oh yes! i have a basket of books next to my bed! i haven't read anything too great lately. although, i finally got around to the time traveler's wife a few months ago. it was amazing and tragic and i loved it!


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