Monday, June 6, 2011

swirl girl

This 1950s ballerina print Swirl dress was an exciting recent find. Even more exciting was discovering that it fit me! I love the wide, lattice-trimmed portrait collar. And though ballerinas aren't really my thing, I can forgive the print because it's on a black background (enlarge photo below to see print more clearly).

I wore this on date night last Thursday. Andy and I went downtown to play some pinball, have dinner, and see the Kent County String Band.

A few downtown GRR sights, including some stencil graffiti...

Love the lions on this building, which was built in 1910.


Andy, looking a little angsty because I kept beating him at pinball.



  1. You look so pretty, K! And I think a pinball date is just about the coolest thing ever!

  2. Fabulous dress--great find!

  3. That dress is so amazing, love it! And it looks so wonderful on you — it was meant to be yours!


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