Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yesterday was Memorial Day, which means everyone is talking about summer already. Even though it's not officially summer yet. And even though here in Michigan it seems like our lilac bushes and apple trees have only just sported their spring blooms.

And after a cool, rainy weekend, it did seem like summer suddenly appeared here on Memorial Day, with sunshine and temperatures in the near 90s. So naturally, we joined the rest of the neighborhood out on the lake.

Lucy encounters a turtle.

Wild strawberry blossom.



  1. I love the picture of Lucy and the turtle!

  2. It always looks so perfect where you three live. What a beautiful day!

  3. How fun! It was a much cooler day here in California. We even had a snow storm the day before. Crazy, odd weather. Love the pictures of your dog!

  4. do you know how much I love seeing photos of that lil' Lucy of yours? A LOT. :D

    I know what you mean though, feels like mid summer right now, HOT mornin.

  5. a lake is a much better idea than dragging the kids around the zoo in hot and humid southern Ohio 90+ degree weather!!! hope you had fun!


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