Thursday, January 20, 2011

man stuff

We are all about Equal Opportunity here at Small Earth Vintage. So here are some items for you gentlemen, coming to the shop shortly!

1970s rooster print shirt by Van Heusen. (Andy is kind of insistent that I title this one A Lot of Cock.)

Pumpkin and sage plaid wool western shirt, by Panhandle Slim.

1960s baby blue wool and mohair sweater, by Glasgo Ltd.

Deadstock 1960s kinda sorta Greek-ish print men's cotton shirt, by California Styled.

1970s Wrangler denim jacket with Donald Duck and I'm a Michi-Gander patches!

Belted safari shirt/jacket, by Esquire Ltd. of Nairobi.

1970s plaid shirt-jacket with leather trim, by Pioneer Wear of Albuquerque.


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