Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've been verrrrrry slowly moving stuff back into the bedroom, post-painting. I'm not moving all my clutter back because I want to, though. I'm doing it because I have to: we will soon have our first house guest since the painting was completed, and all the stuff stashed in the guest bedroom must be relocated.

I'm doing this so slowly because--as I've said here before--I'm loving the newly minimalist look of the bedroom. I'm particularly loving this little nook, which I'm thinking may turn out to be a great place to take some shop photos.

Antique marble-top dresser passed down from my grandparents, dried hydrangeas from my friend Roberta's garden, a selection of my current perfume rotation on a vintage tray, and some favorite necklaces hanging from a thrifted coat rack. Perfect!



  1. ooh very very nice, it's funny isn't it, after a paint you don't want the clutter to re-build!

  2. clear the nice!
    way to get going on the Spring Clean...

  3. Wow, looking lovely so far!! What a beautiful chest of drawers!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. i'm behind on my reading lately .... but i had to say i just love love love the white. i tire of the beiges and browns of the desert & sometimes i want to just paint everything white!

  5. Alex, I am SO glad we did it! No regrets whatsoever.


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