Tuesday, January 18, 2011

in between days

I find this time of year a little weird--everyone else is pining away for spring, yet I am happily, cozily, ensconced in winter. The Christmas decorations are still up here. We just got a ton of Lake Effect and I can't wait to go cross country skiing. I am not ready to give up boots or tights or wool or my winter coats!

And yet...I know that many (most?) of you are thinking spring and spring wardrobes. This shop preview has a lot of cozy sweaters and even a coat. But a green and brown color scheme unexpectedly popped up, which made me think of nothing so much as muddy, wet spring!

Pussywillow cardigan, by Dalton.

1960s colorful plaid print shirtwaist dress, Miriam Susskin for Mel Naftal.

Rose worsted wool cardigan, by Deans of Scotland.

Silk coffee stripe dress, by Diane von Furstenberg.

1940s nubby brown wool full skirt, by Leyton.

Electric blue velvet coat, by Surrey Classics.

Oversize floral print cardigan.

1930s black crushed velvet dress with scalloped neckline.

1960s silk floral vine print blouse, by Lady Manhattan.

1960s mod woodgrain swirl print dress, by Jean Lang.

1950s nubby green pencil skirt, by Lampl.

Italian-made fern green ruched sweater, by Plymouth.

Mod polka-dots bow dress.

Brown and green Nordic wool cardigan, by Jersild.

1950s blue and white lace-trimmed linen dress.

1940s movie star's champagne quilted satin robe, by Desmond's Southern California.



  1. Like yourself, I love the coziness of winter and that Pussywillow cardigan is gorgeously tempting. Love it!

  2. oooo some lovely pieces to look forward for at the shop.... I like the 1940s nubby brown wool full skirt but I'm sure it's an XS!


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