Tuesday, January 25, 2011

happy things

2011 started out delightfully, with our grand (if short) trip to New York for my friend Scooter's 40th birthday. But I returned home to a couple unpleasant surprises. Nothing major (just to put it in perspective, the worst news for me was the word that my favorite bartender had quit to go write his novel), but enough to give me a slight case of mean reds.

So I decided to think about--and post here--some of the many things that are currently sending me to my happy place. Like, for example, the giant icicles attached to the eaves of the house.

I'm also loving that I'm finally using this vintage record cabinet as a record cabinet. As opposed to storage for several VHS tapes, a large nest of cable wire, and (I kid you not), five different remote controls we are no longer using. (Oh, by the way--that little torso sitting on top? Andy is convinced it is a salesman's sample mannequin. Any other ideas? It's a freaky little thing.)

It pleased me that--to my surprise--nearly my entire vinyl collection fit inside the cabinet.

I think I might have posted his picture before, but this little lemon yellow ceramic boychick, purchased from Grand Rapids' Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, makes me happy.

Speaking of the UICA, they also helped banish my blues by showing the two Mesrine films. France + gangsters + 1960s setting + Vincent Cassel = total awesomeness.

Fee Brothers Orange Bitters. I'm using these (and the Fee classic bitters) in everything--club soda, prosecco, Manhattans. Next I want to try them in a Rob Roy, though the only scotch I have is Laphroaig. Scotch purists would have me hung for mixing Laphroaig with anything at all, but, well, I'm not a purist.

These triangle-perforated taupe oxfords. My size--yes! But they haven't been worn yet, due to freezing temps, snow, and ice. I just gaze at them and wait longingly for slightly warmer, drier weather.

This feller's radio show makes my Monday-Thursday afternoons very happy indeed. Seriously, I don't know how I lived before without Gideon Coe's show.

And Miss Lucy, of course.



  1. Well I expressed my opinion of your new DELICIOUS shoes on flickr already but I just wanted to see your dog is so cute!

  2. I love your little corner record nook. My house seems to lack corners though last I checked my home wasn't round.

    Is the little torso large enough to be a child's display? I was thinking it was possibly meant for displaying little boy's undershirts or something to that effect.

  3. Polly, that's what I think. It's very small, though--like toddler-size. (Isn't there some old thing about the devil hiding in the corners?)

  4. Miss Lucy is adorable. Zephyr would be smitten. Will have to look in on the radio show if I can get it on-line.

    Great oxfords for spring too. :-)

    dahlila xo

  5. Thanks, Dahlila! Lucy is snoring away loudly right now. Still cute, though. :D

    Here's a link to Gid's page at BBC (which probably would have been good to put in my post). It has his recent podcasts, and I actually listen live on my computer:


  6. the lack of a 6 pack leads me to think it's a kid size manni....and you can imagine...mannis are better than kids. Man, you went on the Grand Tour here of that which can make Happy when the world goes bonkers...

  7. Those oxfords are some perforated perfection! They will be so wonderful for spring :)


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