Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a wee preview

We are about to take off for a long weekend in NYC where we'll be celebrating the 40th birthday of one of my dearest friends. But I didn't want to leave you before posting this mini-preview, which includes some real cuties--including a couple very Valentine's Day-worthy pieces!

1960s Valentine velvet dolly dress, by The Villager.

1970s Native American pattern sweater, by Pandora.

Incredible 1960s silky polished cotton cheetah print dress, from Claudia by George Halley.

1960s brown paisley blouse, by Suburban Set.

1970s hearts and flowers blouse, from The Traveler by Connie.

1960s orange striped knit dress.

Gorgeous 1960s cocoa shantung jacket with fur collar and rhinestone buttons, by Phyllis-Ann Originals.



  1. I really wish that first dress was in my size, I love it! Great finds.

  2. i agree, that first dress is beautiful! it would have been a perfect holiday dress.


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