Monday, August 2, 2010

the livin' is easy

Those of you who follow my Twitterings may remember me posting about a dress I meant to sell, but decided to keep. I'd promised I would never do such a naughty thing again, but...I broke the promise. The dress is this green piqué Malia dress. I just could not resist the crazy-cute bird print.

Stephani visited us from Detroit this weekend (she helped convince me to keep the dress). This photo was taken in front of the future site of a Belgian style brewery (in a building that was once a funeral home). I'm excited for this place to open not so much because I like Belgian beer (because I don't, really), but because it's such a cool building--it looks like it should house a Belgian brewery. And I'm hoping they'll also have frites.

Since the brewery isn't open yet, we had drinks at Corez (one of the few places in town that knows how to make a decent cocktail). I had a Negroni, Andy a beer, and Steph a French 75. And we all shared these ridiculously good fries with aioli and a fried egg on top!

Speaking of neat old buildings--this one is a refurbished former orphanage, across the street from Corez.

We shared more food at the Winchester and probably too many drinks at the Viceroy before heading home to crash for most of Sunday. But by Sunday afternoon we were all ready--especially Lucy--to head out onto the lake and enjoy a little sunshine. Nothing better for a wee hangover than fresh air and sunshine. And a big hat and sunglasses.


p.s.--As of this posting, the Etsy shop is at 999 sales. I am giving free US shipping/discounted international shipping to the 1000th purchase!


  1. Oh pretty! I can see why you didn't want to let it go!

  2. Excellent photos Karen!
    Congrats on the almost* 1000 sales :D

  3. Great pix as always. They're making me miss you all. Come back! Or maybe we need to come to you next.

  4. You are a sexay model, and I'm glad you kept the dress for yourself th'aint nobuddy could wear it like youdoo! xo
    Patti Sunshine

  5. you have a good friend in the woman who convinced you to keep that dress ;)

  6. well - if I can throw my two cents into the ring, I don't think you keep ENOUGH. or are those just -my- bad habits talking? congrats on quadruple digits!

  7. Lovely photos, and that dress is so nice! Congratulations on all the sales!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. That dress is amazing, glad you kept it! All these pictures are seeing Lucy on a boat.

  9. That dress is stellar! No one could blame you for claiming it as your own ;)
    Congrats on all the sales! wow- I will drink to that! Cheers :)

  10. The dress was definitely yours for the keeping. Thanks for the post!

  11. thanks for sharing your fun day. I just found your shop...what lovely items you have

  12. oh keep the dress! vintage, drinks, friends, eats, canoe, husband, dog, hangover....sounds like paradise!

  13. That's a really cute dress. And I recognize the Malia name as I just bought a 2ndhand Malia with the most AMAZING floral pattern in bright pink and orange. Great texture to the fabric too.


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