Monday, August 16, 2010

the girl can't help it

Now is the time when I am supposed to be bringing you lots of autumnal things, in dark and neutral colors. But when I look over this most recent preview, I see lots of summery color and prints. I can't help it, though. Our recent bout of suffocating humidity and heat seems to have finally broken, and I am ready to celebrate summer again.

Oh, and if you like pockets on your garment, you'll like this shop preview! There are four dresses and a skirt here with patch pockets.

(And psst! Do you read the calivintage blog? Well, you should! SmallEarthVintage is a sponsor, and you might want to check over there tomorrow for an exciting announcement!)

Here's what's coming down the pike:

Blue swirl print halter dress with rhinestone-embellished bodice, by Alix of Miami.

Wonderful Birds of Music by Ethelle of California novelty print skirt.

Pink toile print shift dress.

Pinstriped seersucker blouse, by Lucy Dale.

1950s gingham and gold thread day dress.

1950s red plaid pleated full skirt.

1960s Swirl wrap dress.

Paving stones print blouse, by Shapely Classic.

1940s pink and gray polka-dot and stripe piqué day dress.

1950s pastoral novelty print skirt.

1960s psychedelic jabot neck dress.

Menswear-inspired striped blouse, by Stella Paris.

Sunny floral and pleats dress with belt.

1950s plaid full skirt, by Sid Harris Milwaukee.

Mod plaid dress with bow at neck.

Floral folklore print sateen blouse, by Shapely Classic.

1940s rose print day dress.

1950s Pennsylvania Dutch print full skirt.

1970s flowers and geometry print jersey shirt dress, by Bayard Sport.

1950s garnet floral print blouse.

1950s seersucker chevron stripe dress.

Paisley swirl blouse, by Fligelman of New York.

Plaid day dress with floral embroidered pockets.

Red polka-dot secretary blouse.

1940s purple stripes and pockets day dress.



  1. JeannetteeSpaghettiAugust 16, 2010 at 11:48 AM

    So many beautiful things! Can't wait to see the sizes for some of these dresses.

  2. While I admit I live in black and gray I absolutely LOVE that bold, colorful print on the 1960's Swirl Wrap Dress; and if it has pockets~PERFECTION!

  3. I love the seersucker chevron dress to bits!

  4. Those are two of the best novelty prints I've seen! I am also having a hard time with the transitioning... can't bear to pick up and try on coats and such just yet!

  5. my vote's to keep summer around as long as possible. it'll be frigid out there before we know it, so keep those 50s cotton shirtwaist dresses a comin'...

  6. oh man, just added so much to my wishlist!!!!

  7. i smell a giveaway ..... and i love the chevron dress, the seersucker blouse, the plaid skirt - reminds me of the Catholic school i never went to, and of course the psychedelic and mod dresses. a girl can't have enough variety - my closet must have a personality disorder!

  8. Your stuff is *always* cute, but I especially love that Swirl dress.


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