Wednesday, August 4, 2010

musical mermaids, feathers, sleeping kittens, and rubber boots

Why, it must be time for a long overdue shop accessories preview!

Four yards of deadstock, whimsical mermaid musician fabric.

1960s tapestry purse, by Melbourne Bags.

1960s olive drab rubber boots, Northerner by Servus.

Feathered pillbox hat.

1950s gray velour hat, with rhinestones, bow, and netting.

1950s Bausch & Lomb eyeglasses.

Vintage Speedball Brayer No. 49 for block printing, with original packaging.

Vera Neumann silk blue fir and white buds scarf.

Nautical belt print scarf.

World's Cutest! Silk sleeping kitty cats scarf, titled "Chessie" by Lady Heritage with the Permisson of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co.



  1. miss k - WHAT size are those boots??!! my size maybe??? xo

  2. Love the mix of items....and of course LOVE that last scarf. #crazycatladyinthemaking.

  3. Another query about the boots: what size? :)

  4. The boots are marked a men's 8, and fit pretty big (and wide). My best guess is these will fit a women's 10-10 1/2. I'll be listing them in the next couple days!

  5. i can't help but love that sleeping kittens scarf! so adorable!


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