Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was all set to sell this great print blouse--but it fit me! It's a keeper.

Isn't the print great? It looks like surfboards and bow ties. I wore it on our thrifting trip last weekend.

I thrifted with this handsome guy. He's a keeper.

Lucy came with us. She's a trouper--and a keeper.

We didn't find much for the shop (the purpose of the trip), but we found a keeper! Andy spotted this cool folding cart at Goodwill. Once it's cleaned up with some steel wool and whatnot, I think it will make a great drinks cart for the house. Only $2.00!

And in an unusual (for me) (nowadays) spending spree, I found a few keepers of my own on this trip: a 1950s yellow print blouse, a weird 1930s child-rearing book illustrated with photographs, and a velvet tapestry purse that will be perfect for fall.

I also took this photo of a very cool old city hall building, shaded by trees.

And although we didn't find much for the shop, we had a great day: lunch and beers at Saugatuck Brewing (their Scotch session beer is delicious!), driving around the gorgeous Michigan countryside, and finally, celebrating 1000 Etsy sales on the way home with dinner at Bistro Bella Vita and drinks at Viceroy. In this business, you just have to go with the flow!



  1. love your little black pants!

  2. The print on that shirt reminds me of a little cartoon guy, I can't remember his name. He wore a bow-tie. It is so different and so fetching!

  3. Love the bow ties on the blouse and the folding cart and am also very curious about the parental "wisdom" in the 1930s child-rearing book, let alone the illustrations!

  4. Congrats on 1000 sales, Karen and Andy, AND Lucy! (after all, she must be the cutest little muse I've ever seen!) ;)

  5. i love the shirt :) you're adorable!
    and i think it is sooo great that the Mr. goes on all of these excursions with you. mine has zero interest and no patience!

  6. You guys are such a cute little family. I love the print on that top! I can only imagine that Lucy is just as sweet and lovely as the both of you. Come move back to Astoria!!! (whines)

  7. That is such a cute top, definitely a keeper! Congrats on 1000 sales, that's so awesome, though not surprising due to the amazing gems you find!


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