Thursday, July 29, 2010

A something in a summer's day

As slow her flambeaux burn away,
Which solemnizes me.
--Emily Dickinson

(Yesterday was the Official First Anniversary of this blog!)

And now, an Etsy shop preview...

Pale blue pintucks and daisy lace dress, by Jr. Flair by Sportslane.

Sailor middy blouse.

Red rose print sheath with ruffled hem.

Lemon yellow pintucks and lace trim blouse.

Candy stripe dress.

Vegetable garden print skirt, by Peter Popovitch.

Aqua blue dress with double Peter Pan collar.

Pastel stripe combed Egyptian cotton blouse, by Avoca.

Ticking stripe double bow party dress, by GiGi Young.

1940s chocolate brown blouse.

Blue and yellow floral print dress.

1950s goldfish embroidered linen shorts.

1950s pewter gray voile dress with white piqué collar and cuffs, by Bobbie Brooks.

Horses and carriage print tank, by Jantzen.

Seaweed-y print shirt dress.

Nylon yellow squares print blouse with rhinestone buttons, by Terry.

1950s Persian rug print shirtwaist dress.

Blue rose bohemian peasant skirt, by Junior Age.

Swiss dot tulip print sundress.

Sky blue wheat pattern sweater.

Gorgeous white eyelet lace shirtwaist dress with pouf sleeves and belt, by Jr. Flair by Sportslane.

1950s whimsy falling figures print smock top.

1960s acid trip floral print shirtdress, by Lady Bayard.

1950s full, pleated navy blue skirt with high banded waist embellished with buttons, by Petti.

Stunning cotton batiste sundress with red embroidered scalloped edges and polka-dots, by Tempo.

Rainbow gauze blouse.

Red and gray plaid sheath dress with box-pleated bodice and pockets.

Boxy buttercup yellow blouse with bows at the waist.

1950s red striped dress with Peter Pan collar.



  1. Wow, those fish shorts are nuts! In the most wonderful, quirky way. That last dress is almost too sweet for words! Who needs to cut things apart when they are totally perfect to begin with?! Ha! xoxox

  2. Oh my gosh, too much adorable all at once. :)

  3. The last and the Bobbi brooks better be in my size! When will they be available? A gorgeous new load.

  4. These will start to show up in the shop tomorrow, and I'll be listing them all over the next week or so.

  5. I've not run into your blog until I saw your comment over at Lola Vintage! I LOVE your Etsy! I think you just do such a beautiful job with your selections and you have the sweetest things :) Way to go girl! Now following :)

  6. that little sailor top reminded me of a dress i had as a kid....oh, the things i had to wear as a child!

  7. I'm wowing all the way through this post. The pastel dress, the sailor top, the eyelet lace dress. Gorgeous!

  8. that striped dress, the last one? yeah, that's going to sell in 2.2 seconds. if not faster.

    but um, the one i really like is the gray bobbie brooks.

  9. these are all stunning!!! I don't know how you can part with them ;)
    Happy Anniversary!!! :)

  10. I keep checking back for the last striped dress! Aaargh. What size is it?

  11. Do you still have the Aqua blue dress with double Peter Pan collar?

  12. Sorry, WLAllan, that sold quite awhile ago.


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