Monday, August 30, 2010

corn and blueberries

Around here, seeing corn and blueberries at all the roadside stands is how you know summer is ending. That, and a certain slightly hazy, filtered look to the sunlight. Autumn is coming--but summer is still clinging desperately here, unwilling to let go. I know this via the Tweets of the (unofficial, I'm pretty sure) Grand Rapids Weatherball, which have continually been as follows: "Weatherball green, no change foreseen" and "Weatherball red, warmer weather ahead."

Anyway, here is this week's preview of clothing coming to the shop. The very last piece is something for Oktoberfest!

Cotton candy confetti rayon blend day dress with belt.

1950s blue and charcoal stripe blouse.

1960s hyacinth print Vera Neumann dress.

1950s peacock print full skirt.

1940s pinstripe shirtwaist dress.

Flower print cardigan.

1950s purple linen dress with lace trim.

Sunshine orange blouse, Epic by Evan-Picone.

Flower vine print shirtwaist dress, by Kerrybrooke.

Azure blouse with big moonglow buttons.

Damask print dress, by Berkshire.

Chocolate brown print oxford.

1950s mustard plaid dress, by Stacy Ames.

Prism print op-art blouse.

Blue and white ticking stripe print day dress.

1950s black cotton blouse with nifty buttons.

1950s ruffled plaid shirtwaist dress with belt.

Rooftops print top, by Aileen.

1950s aqua shirtwaist dress with monogram, by Nantucket Naturals.

Ruffled 1960s neo-Edwardian blouse, by Donnkenny.

Periwinkle, olive, and rose print taffeta dress with belt.

Tapestry paisley print blouse.

Chinoiserie toile voile dress, by Jonathan Logan.

1950s blue and olive green paisley print oxford blouse, by Shapely Classic.

Teal vine print cotton and piqué day dress.

1950s Oktoberfest dirndl with corset bodice, by Parklane Juniors.



  1. Hi Western Mitten gal! you simply MUST let me know when you list that peacock skirt. As I look really close I see that it has, "made for Jessica" written on it. ;)

  2. oh my goodness.. that peacock skirt! and the toile dress... i'd like to go live in your shop's closet for a bit, please!

  3. Love seeing that GR weatherball! Wow, you have some great vintage items coming up. Love the aqua shirtwaist.


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