Friday, August 6, 2010

haircut 100

(I couldn't think of a title for this post, which is kind of about hair, so I just used Andy's favorite band's name.)

This dress is an example of something I probably would not have kept when I had longer hair. Thought I love the blue and green plaid print and the little bow at the neck, that drop waist isn't the most flattering on me. (Nor is my purse strap which is doing a weird thing at the bust, but that's not the fault of the dress.) But when I tried this dress on after I had my hair chopped off, it worked for me.

These photos were taken last Wednesday evening, when we headed down to our second home, the Viceroy, to enjoy some delicious cocktails made by guest bartenders from Chicago's Sable. Highlights were a Peychaud's Bitters-based drink and getting to taste some bonded whiskey.

Lucy did not get to come inside, but she did dress up.

I cannot go downtown without snapping photos of any signs of the city's past. I love the way the light is falling across the building in these photos.



  1. i freaking love your hair. and i totally understand how clothes look different when you have short hair. those pictures of the old buildings are beuatiful. thanks for sharing.

  2. Both your hair and the dress are adorable!
    I love having short hair! :)

  3. you and lucy both look smashing! i think sometimes you really have to have short hair to where a bold print well; the eye can only process so much!


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