Sunday, April 18, 2010

bar stools and more

Andy and I always find specialized stores with names like Batteries Etc. and Bar Stools and More (yes, real places) pretty hilarious. Bar Stools and...what? Bars? Um, cushions for the stools? Okay, yes, people need batteries for all kinds of things these days and if Meijer doesn't have the one you need, I guess you're pretty grateful for a place like Batteries Etc. But: Bar Stools and More? The mom and pop hardware and drugstore store can't survive, but Bar Stools and More does! I mean, good for them, but it confuses me. As the ways of retail so often do.

Here's a shop preview with various accessories. And more!

1980s capped toe combat boots.

Mod 1960s silver glitter slingbacks, by Fascinators.

Chestnut brown ankle boots, by Nicole.

Champagne sparkle brocade pumps, by Gaymode.

Pahk yah butts in Massachusetts--state of Massachusetts ashtray.

Rhinestone choker.

Acorns and fall foliage pin.

Pastel moonglow bead necklace.

Silk hand-rolled Schiaparelli ovals scarf.

Silk hand-rolled scarf, by Symphony.

Jewelry box with pink velvet interior and secret compartment! By Mele.

Faux mother-of-pearl travel mirror.

Deadstock 1960s mod pink plastic sunglasses.

Siamese cat figurines.

Sunny yellow 1950s Westclox kitchen timer.

1970s mushroom art!



  1. I never tire of your fabulous shop updates. So many things - all so good!

  2. Crap! I want those pink shades!


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