Saturday, April 10, 2010

flowers, beer gardens, driving with the windows open...

It's still a bit chilly, but maybe spring is here at last: we have daffodils! And there are lots of flowers and ruffles to usher in spring in this week's shop preview, but also some items for those of you who love the less than frilly gear: a vintage auto print blouse, a mod striped knit dress, and a great print blouse that will take you back to Art 101. Oh, yes, and a dress that makes me think of one of my favorite beverages.

Vintage early 1960s pink daisy dress by Wendy Woods.

1960s white on blue dotted cotton blouse.

1960s sunflower fields dress.

Sailboat wrap skirt.

1950s shirtwaist dress with fantastic folkloric deer and vine print, by Lady Guilford.

White cotton 1950s blouse with tiered collar, cuffs and pockets.

Sun blizzard dress, by Lady Bayard.

Vintage automobile ad print blouse.

Chartreuse flower vine print shirtwaist dress, by The Villager.

1950s bronze-y brown sharkskin blouse, by Lady Sutton.

1960s striped knit dress, by Nan Shire.

Cotton sateen print blouse.

Ruffled taffeta floral print dress.

1950s Hill-Day buttercup print blouse.

More ruffles! Floral print sleeveless dress with belt and ruffles cascading from the collar down the bodice.

Raspberry floral print blouse, by The Country Shirt.

Floral print muumuu in citrus colors.

Blue floral and paisley print British Ivy blouse, by Cos Cob.

Alfred Shaheen butterfly print maxi dress in pale yellow with gold and silver accents.

Paisley print blouse, by Queen Casuals.

Persian patchwork print button-up cotton dress, by Lady Bayard.

Corinthian column print blouse, by Jane Hunter.

Vintage High Life brocade cocktail dress. Yes, champagne is classier, but this dress reminds me of a tall glass of pilsner!



  1. i am always so envious of your finds! i am especially in love with the buttercup blouse, and i could definitely see myself wearing that muumuu - let me know when it's up in the shop!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am loving all of these romantic floral prints! I'll have to check out the shop soon!

  3. i'm soooo getting into the summer dress mode!

  4. Love that Nan Shire dress and the High Life one!

    (high life is my cheap drink of choice ;)

  5. Seriously, I could never get tired of 50's cotton prints.. such good ones in here! I love Wendy Woods too, her stuff is always so over-the-top cute. Is that buttercup 50's shirt a medium/large by any chance?

  6. Thanks, lovelies!

    TGS--I love that buttercup blouse, particularly the gathers at the back (not seen in photo). Sadly, it measures closer to a XS-S (35" bust), as most of this gal's 50s clothing did (blouse came from a big estate buy last year).

  7. i love the cut and color of that lady sutton. such a perfect workaday shirt. and that ruffled floral piece reminds be of my girl Alice on the L Word, so, yes, LOVE.

  8. How was I not already a follower? Weird. Anyway.... FABULOUS preview post my dear! What a lot of work you have been doing this past week, no? I am loving the Persian patchwork print button-up cotton dress, by Lady Bayard!

  9. You find the best prints! I too am loving the buttercup blouse!


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