Monday, April 19, 2010

welcome to my world

Hello new blog followers! I'm so excited to have you here. I thought I'd welcome you with a little photographic look at my world.

First, though, lovely proof that spring has finally come to Michigan: the blooms outside one of my favorite Grand Rapids joints, The Winchester.

These people made me. I look just like the girl on the horse.

Above photographic evidence to the contrary, I was not raised by cowpokes. But I was raised in this cowpoke-friendly state. It's not all mountains, though. There's also a fancy hotel in which you once could have traditional British tea near paintings by Maxfield Parrish.

And there's a bug museum.

I have always been an obsessive reader.

One day I ended up here, and stayed for a long time.

I once went on vacation to Prague for a week, on my own. I brought home this Alphonse Mucha poster and had it put in a fancy frame in Astoria, Queens.

I met a boy. I fell in love. I moved to the state shaped like a mitten.

I have a problem with things that smell good that is somewhat under control.

Obviously, I love vintage clothes, but I also like this stuff.

Here's a peek inside one of my closets.

This is how I like my coffee.

It makes me feel like this.

(Print by Rick Beerhorst, of Grand Rapids' amazing Studio Beerhorst.)

Cocktails are my favorite, but beer is nice, too.



  1. Fabulous peek into your world Karen!

  2. Very cool mixed media presentation. Impressive use of tchotchke's.

  3. oh what a great post!!! so cute. i went to boarding school in Colorado and for my graduation my grandma got us all rooms at the Broadmoor. tres fun!!

  4. this is the cutest post of all time. !!!
    first of all, i have ever single book you've got in that photo - for real!
    secondly, i told you that you smelled good at Cliff Bells, remember! now i see why!
    and third, you and Andy in the blue framed photo? looks straight out of a film!!!

  5. Great post, and such a fun way to get to know you better!

  6. wonderful post. thanks for sharing yourself!

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  8. Thanks so much for sharing your world! I love the framed photographs of your parents. I also recently bought the same pyrex form with the rooster on it at the fabulous Alameda point flea market when I recently went home to visit my mom. :)

  9. I love seeing behind the scenes things! Great learning a bit more about you. :)

  10. Really liked the photo presentation. Nice getting to know a little more about you! :)

  11. oh my goodness! you look SO much like your little cowpoke mom. it's uncanny.


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