Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know it's kind of a big preview--hopefully not too big. Andy painted the photo backdrop white last weekend (so no more annoying wrinkles in the backdrop fabric, hurrah!), and maybe I got a little carried away with the photos.

Enjoy the results of my crazed productivity: there are lots of great things for spring and summer here! In fact, I'm getting a bit of a picnicky, gin & tonics-on-the-lawn vibe from some of it. Although those days won't be here in chilly springtime Michigan for a little while yet.

1950s blue brushstrokes pintucked bodice dress.

Cityscape top with GIGANTIC cowl neck.

Deadstock bohemian striped dress with sparkly Lurex thread.

White allover-pintuck blouse, by Bill Atkinson Glen of Michigan.

Butterfly print crepe 1940s sundress.

1950s full, pleated plaid skirt.

1960s triangles print harlequin shift dress, by Bill Atkinson Glen of Michigan.

Bud Berma bullfighters shirt.

Crazy 1970s Americana photographic disco shirt.

Lemon lime plaid dress, by Carol Brent.

Red patchwork tie-waist blouse, by White Stag.

1960s golden-green flower print brocade cocktail dress.

1960s red and white polka-dot skirt, by Junior House.

Brown gingham and stripe maxi dress with bell cuffs.

Blue floral cotton blouse, by Lady Manhattan.

Pink gingham scarf neck blouse and skirt.

Whale print top.

Mod coffee and cream scooter dress, by David Crystal.

Floral print scarf neck blouse, by the Wedgwood Collection Majestic

1930s or 1940s floral print rayon and faille dress.

Pink and green embroidered top with satin ribbon drawstring tie at waist.

1960s green and tan print dress with scarf neck, by Glen of Michigan.

Butterflies, dragonflies, leaves, and plain old bugs, on this sleeveless blouse by Tuxedo.

Blue gingham shirtwaist dress, by Kenny Classics.

Lemon, lime and orange plaid oxford, by Jeanie.

Mod 1960s kelly green and white linen dress, by Peck & Peck Haberdasher.

Satin Bellini rose blouse, by Hollyvogue.

Flower-embroidered sleeveless dress, by Mary Douglass.

Black nylon and rayon satin full slip, by Wonder Maid St. Louis.

1960s blouson bodice dress with orange and olive poppy print.

Calico floral blouse with giant round collar and button-on scarf ties at neck.

1940s or early 1950s white pique and lace dress, by Raemar Juniors.

New with tags Jantzen umbrellas and sunshine sleeveless top.

Cocktail dress with ivory shirred bodice, sheer sleeves, and a bow at waist, by Ann Barry Jr.



  1. Soooo many lovelies here I can't pick a favorite (yet)!

  2. The butterfly sleeveless top, floral embroidered dress, and the first blue dress...WANT. I can't wait til you list that blouse, though, it's such a neat print!

  3. Cowl top, pin tuck blouse, whale top, umbrella top, mod scooter, floral slvless dress, 60s orange/olive dress and the guys shirts--all A+ in my book. :)

  4. stinking amazing! i can't wait...

  5. Okay- I know you wrote that this is a preview... but how much for the silver cocktail dress?? In the market.

  6. Hi RabbitShoppe! No idea yet, but I can move it up in the queue to get listed for you.

  7. I love so many things here Karen! I'm going to keeping an eye out in teh shop for sure :)

  8. love the dragonflies bugs butterflies top and the white pique cotton dress!

  9. I would love that. Want to check it out in more detail. I can't promise a purchase. Looking for just the right cocktail dress for up-coming event in May.

  10. great finds!

  11. aaaaghh! So many cute things. You know I'm going crazy about all the novelty prints here, right?

  12. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  13. I wish I was cool enough to drink gin...but I can't ! vodka only for me....& another stunningly cute line-up! covet...covet...covet...;-)

  14. Oh Karen. Your sweet comments and your amazing clothes always brighten my day. That whale print blouse!!!!@@!

  15. Great stuff Karen! I also love the whale print blouse, though the flower-embroidered sleeveless dress is a close second. Hope spring warms up for you soon. Luckily it has here in Berlin.


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