Monday, April 26, 2010

vintage prom

Although I'm way past my prom days, I still thought it would be fun to do a post about vintage prom dresses. And I was hoping to start things off with a photo of me in my prom dress (circa 1987). Unfortunately, I could not find the photo. I didn't wear a vintage dress to prom, although I had started thrifting and wearing vintage at this point. My dress was, however, vintage-inspired. It was a pretty amazing black satin floor-length sheath, with a fishtail hem, and I wore it with long gloves and rhinestone jewelry. Very Hollywood movie star! The effect, however, was pretty much ruined by my giant hair.

Since I don't have a photo of me and my dress (and my cute prom date!), here's a photo from the same time period of me and the hair (and our cute college counselor! Who is obviously quite rightly puzzled by the hair).

The rhinestone earrings? I wore those to prom!

Anyway, if I were 18 and attending prom today, I would want to go wearing one of the many amazing and well-priced vintage dresses you can find on Etsy! And naturally, these vintage party and cocktail dresses work just as well for more grown-up affairs. I put together an Etsy Treasury of 16 of my favorites. Click the photo to see a larger view of the treasury (links to each seller's dress below the photos), or click this link to go directly to the Treasury itself, which includes clickable links to all the dresses.

And here's a little selection of prom/cocktail party-worthy dresses from the shop.

vintage prom dresses 1

vintage prom dresses 2

And hey, if you have a chance, check out this week's prom themed Etsy Voter, and if you're so inclined, put a vote in for my 1950s Lilac Smoke Lace Party Dress, which was nominated--my first time ever in an Etsy Voter!



  1. Sweet jesus, your hair defies the mind in that photo!

  2. what in fresh banana clip hell is going on with the hair, K?!

  3. i always wanted a perm! :) never did get one - Mom wouldn't allow it

  4. not sure what is most entertaining...the hair, the earrings, the jacket...or just the look on your faces? ;) too cute!

  5. Ladies, all I can say is I have spent the years since high school with a complete horror of volumizing hair products. (You should have seen my *friends'* hair!)

  6. Oh my goodness you are adorable in that photo! I was subjected to some bad perms when I was younger, and similarly live in terror of most hair styling products.

  7. Best photo EVER!!! You are even more cool in my book now. I wonder what happened to my prom picture with my hair crimped.....

  8. I'm hoping you DO find that old prom picture and post it, I want to see! Love the attitude in that first picture, Miss Curls o'lot.

  9. I've suddenly got the urge to go out and buy a flat iron! Great pics!

  10. Um, I think the hair is F***ing amazing, it's bad in the best way possible. You look like a total badass in that photo!

  11. Super hilarious photo. Hair certainly was "big" in the 80s!


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