Thursday, December 3, 2009

she wore blue velvet...

...and blue gabardine and black taffeta and gold brocade and black velvet and powder blue velvet and plaid cash-mink (!!)...

And he wore red plaid.

Angelic! 1960s powder blue velvet and gold beaded dress by Joanna Nelson for Bullock's Wilshire.

1960s midnight blue velvet baby doll dress with lace cuffs and collar.

1950s gold brocade dress by GiGi Young.

Tan plaid cashmere and mink blend coat.

1940s black taffeta dress by R&K Originals.

1960s black velvet smocked waist maxi-skirt.

1940s cobalt gabardine suit by Laura Dale.

Black Koret evening bag.

Red plaid smoking jacket by Richman Brothers.



  1. I have never seen anything more amazing than that gold brocade dress! Seriously beautiful!

  2. Oh, that lace collared dress is making me weak in the knees, so so cute.

  3. good movie! i love that plaid coat, but i never even wear the one i have - tucson just doesn't get that cold. would it be wrong to wear a men's smoking jacket? ha! i could start a new trend....

  4. Pretty, pretty! Loving that 1940s black taffeta dress.

  5. Those are all so beautiful. I love them all. You've got an incredible blog. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

  6. Your store seriously amazes me! Detroit had some seriously fancy would think that estate sales in Nashville would be better than they are because of the old Southern belles in Nashville !

    I featured The red velvet party dress in your store on my blog! :)

  7. Thanks, everybody!

    Alex, from your past posts, methinks you REALLY need to get yourself a red plaid jacket of some sort. I have a very cute Pendleton one I'll be listing soon (not sure if it's your size)... ;)

    Leproust--aw, thank you so much! But most of my stuff comes from the left/western side of the mitten, not Detroit. And an awful lot of it right now is from one lady in particular, who was uber-stylish and lived here in Grand Rapids. (Thanks for featuring my red velvet dress by the way--I loved how you styled it! The provenance of that one is actually Battle Creek. At least, as far as I know!)

  8. What a delightful roundup of evening worthy items, I especially love the black taffeta dress and 1940s cobalt blue suit. Stunning pieces one and all though for sure, many thanks for sharing these beauties!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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