Sunday, December 27, 2009

merry and bright!

I hope your holiday was merry, bright, cozy and fun! Mine was. I received some fabulous gifts--including the amazing 1950s Franch Poodle Lamp you see above. Every girl ought to have one of these, don't you think? I love his little cap and the rose in his teeth.

And how awesome is my cool new mobile from
Mobilosity on Etsy?

I also love this sweet little birdie my parents sent us. It looks very happy perched in our tree.

We spent the day making our traditional
timballo and playing the new Monopoly card game my parents sent. Oh, and we watched Inglourious Basterds, which was a hoot (only Tarantino can make the killing of Nazis so dang much fun), and has me wanting a pair of pants just like the ones Shoshanna wears (and which Clever Nettle blogged about, back in August).

Much of the day was also spent cuddling with this spoiled little creature.

It's been hard to get out of the lazy holiday pace and back into the swing of business. I took a lot of photos today, so I'm getting there--slowly!



  1. what an adorable little pooch! well, both are adorable actually - the lamp and lucy!

  2. love the mobile! i'll have to check out their shop. meanwhile, i can't wait to see Inglorious Bastards. i love Pitt, and now i have to go check out these pants you're talking about! ah, the shopping is never done!

  3. ah, Lucy looks so cuddly and festive in her green blanket!


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