Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I just finished watching Glee. (I cry every week. I don't know why that is. My unfulfilled drama club dreams? Hormones? Every week?) Then I started getting this shop preview ready to post. And suddenly realized that an awful lot of it was very Rachel. (The plaid skirts. I could dress several glee clubs full of Rachels with the plaid skirts we still have.)

And a lot was very Miss Pillsbury. (The polka dot dress. The seashell purse. The black-and-white buffalo plaid dress.)

I just wish I had a Sue Sylvester track suit to post.

Here's what's coming to the shop soon.

Kitschy-cool seashell purse.

1980s kelly green clutch purse.

Cherry red vinyl purse.

1960s deadstock black leather pumps with little bows on the toes.

1960s deadstock Florsheim buckle loafers.

Some fun vintage belt buckles.

Cowgirl purse.

Fuzzy pink and red velvet snow bunny outfit.

Trompe l'oeil belt sweater.

A-line bouclé skirt.

1950s silky champagne polka dot shirtwaist dress by Martha Clyde for Saks Fifth Avenue.

Forest green, navy and red plaid knife-pleated full skirt.

Boxy red wool plaid Pendleton jacket.

1960s black and white buffalo plaid dress by Jonathan Logan.

Raspberry plaid pleated skirt by Blue Bell.

1960s paisley blouse.

1960s wool flannel ruffle-neck dress.

Flower and paisley stripe blouse.

Olive wide wale corduroy jumper with great pockets.

1970s cozy cardigan with sewn-in scarf.

1950s houndstooth plaid flannel dress.



  1. still haven't seen Glee. i swear it's all cartoons on the DVR

  2. well hello there pretty silky champagne belted shirtwaist dress...

  3. I haven't watched Glee yet, but when the first season comes out on dvd, I'll netflix it.

    I'm loving those belt buckles are great and Jonathan Logan dress.

  4. Love the champagne dress and the cozy cardigan!

  5. Trompe l'oeil details are one of my favorite things in fashion! (explains my love of Schiaparelli ;) Also, you find some awesome buckles, girl!

  6. that corduroy jumper looks so great - I checked out the shop - both listed and sold and couldn't find it...... :(

  7. Hi Zohar! It's not listed yet--but will be tomorrow or the next day. :)

  8. Oh yay! :) I'll keep an eye for it - I want to take a closer look and see your description and sizing....

  9. alas - I'm afraid the cost with the shipping is just toooooo much..... which is a bummer cause I really wanted it... well - I'm sure someone else will enjoy it :)... thanks anyway


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