Tuesday, December 29, 2009

jonathan logan

The big houseful of clothing we purchased this summer (and mentioned many times here) included a large number of dresses by Jonathan Logan, including several dress-and-matching-jacket outfits like the one above (recently sold in the Etsy shop to a favorite customer!).

Here are a few more that I've sold (and including the black-and-white one yet to be listed, and which I finally photographed correctly, after originally photographing the back as the front--oops!):

sapphire Jonathan Logan party dress

1950s floral print Jonathan Logan sundress and jacket

silky rose print shirtwaist dress by Jonathan Logan

blue check Jonathan Logan dress

1960s buffalo check Jonathan Logan dress

I think I may have had even more of these in the collection, but many times labels were removed.

Here is a funny little 1962 Time magazine article about Jonathan Logan and the New York "rag trade."

But the REAL reason for this post is to tell everyone to check out
this fantastic post on Casey's Elegant Musings blog. You should already be reading Casey's blog; if you aren't, you're missing out! She is an incredibly talented seamstress and her posts are always inspiring. Today's post includes several wonderful fashion ads from a 1949 Seventeen magazine that Casey acquired. There are a couple Jonathan Logan ads, and I immediately thought that those of you who have owned or purchased Logan dresses would want to see them. Go check it out! And thank you, Casey, for sharing with us.


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