Monday, December 21, 2009

let your heart be light

Yes, the holidays are upon us! We have been busy getting a tree, decorating the house (I'd leave silver garland up all year long--it makes me happy), making cookies, and best of all, watching old movies.

I think old movies are the best part of the season, and I don't know how I'd live without TCM. Some of my favorites: Holiday (you simply cannot go wrong with Cary Grant and Kate Hepburn), Christmas in Connecticut (Barbara Stanwyck as a faux Martha Stewart), Meet Me in St. Louis (the songs! Judy! and Margaret O'Brien in her hobo costume!), Fanny and Alexander (stunningly gorgeous), A Christmas Carol (the 1950s film version and the 1970s musical with Albert Finney). A Wonderful Life, of course. And for those times when you are fed up with the holiday cheer, the Canadian slasher starring Margot Kidder--Black Christmas. And of course, the Thin Man movies! I love Nick, Nora, and Asta. Great news: TCM is running a Thin Man marathon on New Year's Eve!

I love decorating with all the old ornaments I remember from my childhood, and baking cookies, too. So much of the season for me is--obviously--about nostalgia.

But Andy and I have our own, new traditions. We like to take a road trip out to Holland (Michigan) to thrift and have lunch at the New Holland brewery (we'll be doing that on Wednesday). And we'll have Polish food at the Kopper Top, a local place that likes to over-decorate for the holidays (I'm all about excess, especially this time of year!).

We will likely make a timballo--that crazy Italian pie filled with pasta, sauce, and meatballs and made famous in the movie Big Night--on Christmas day. If the lake is safely frozen over, we may make time to ski across it. And we'll probably play some backgammon or cards. And talk on the phone to many family and friends who are far away, and who are sorely missed.

What are your holiday plans? Whatever they are, I hope they find you healthy, happy, cozy and warm.

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