Thursday, December 24, 2009

holiday bonus!

We took a little thrifting trip yesterday, destination Holland, Michigan. Not that the thrifts there are particularly good, but so that we could enjoy a holiday lunch at New Holland Brewery. It was--as always--delicious, both beer and food, but the real highlight was this brazen little squirrel, who had parked himself outside the Fabiano's candy store nearby.

He was dining on what appeared to be bits of candy and nuts probably tossed to him by Fabiano's customers. One little girl went right up to him, probably expecting him to run away, but he just sat there and stared at her. I think it freaked her out. She ran away. The squirrel remained. (Andy had to distract Lucy with lots and lots of treats so she wouldn't see the squirrel and start a ruckus. Not that it would have bothered this crazy, Clint Eastwood-staid squirrel.)

The other treat of the day was finding some great vintage items at the thrifts. I found a 1940s gabardine suit, and a gorgeous navy rayon 40s dress. At thrift stores! Not the kind of fare I often discover in thrifts. I also found the above R&K Originals black velvet wiggle dress with a beaded neckline, so perfect for New Year's Eve that I'm listing it in the shop today, just in case someone needs it!

Happy holidays, everybody! Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.



  1. Hey! Maybe that was Buddy?! We used to have a candy place at the mall when I was a kid in Illinois called Buddy Nut Shop and there was a little squirrel on the sign. Maybe Buddy is trying to get back into the business? He is lookin' for work, you know?

    Hope you guys had a great Christmas. There is a lot of sleepin' going on at our house. Whew.

  2. I've found a few pretty 40s dresses thrifting lately too. What makes is all the better is that they are almost always in the normal priced section rather than with the ugly 80s prom dresses tagged at $20 and up! I'm fairly certain they price based on ostentatiousness.


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