Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday night shop preview

A *big* Sunday shop sneak preview this week! All kinds of items--things that would make great gifts for others or for yourself.

And just a reminder: one more day left in our big 20% off sale!

Angelic piper pin.

Rose pin.

Marsand camera case.

1950s russet ribbon hat.

1950s feathered Merrimac hat by Roberta Bernays.

1950s beribboned cloche by Monsieur Peter.

Horsie wallet!

Another silver glitter clutch purse. (I noticed J Crew is hawking these. Here's your chance to get a vintage original!)

1950s or 60s deadstock (with tag) men's nautical cotton shirt.

Stetson feather fedora. (Cute model, huh?)

Honey suede Nocona cowgirl boots.

1960s black bow pumps.

1980s plaid Christmas Converse hi-tops with jingle bells at the heels. Oh yeah--deadstock, with box!

1950s nubby mauve wool blend cardigan sweater and skirt by Kimberly Knitwear.

Pine and gold wool plaid knickers.

Fanciful floral wool cardigan.

1950s blue plaid dress with rhinestone buttons and ribbon at neck.

1960s paprika plaid pencil skirt by Bernhard Altmann.

1950s cotton coat of arms print blouse.

1960s pink and orange peacock feather print shift dress.

1950s green and gray wool plaid pleated skirt.

Red wool blend houndstooth and flower print sweater.

1950s nautical black dress with eyelet lace trim.



  1. LOVE the hats Karen!! And that black dress. Hehehe and yes your model Andy is very cute indeed :)

  2. You have one of the most amazing etsy shops that I have ever seen, hands down!

    I am going to be stalking your shop this week....the jingle bell chucks, black dress, camera bag, and knickers just ran away with my heart! :)

  3. Those pins are too cute! I think all hats look wierd on me, but I'm loving that 50's russet ribbon one.

    Your indoor studio shots are looking pretty great!

  4. miss-e, I have passed your comment on to the model--you made his day! ;)

    Leproust--Stop! You are making me blush! Thank you.

    A--I am so with you on the hats! They are all too tiny for my (apparently) giant head. I keep trying the little fascinator-y types, but haven't quite found one that looked right on me. (And thank you--Andy did SO much work on getting the studio right. I'll be sure to pass along that compliment as well!)

  5. i thought those knickers were the cutest thing...until I scrolled down a bit and saw that stitched-up dress! (i love a pretty dress with a sense of humor!)

  6. Oh I like the black dress with the white lace up on the saide :) Very cute

  7. wow, so much gorgeous stuff! I love the little pins

  8. Isn't that black dress wild? G, I have a love/hate relationship with knickers. I went through a regrettable "preppie" period in junior high where I wore them with argyle socks. I still kind of love them, though, and think the right girl (NOT me!) could totally pull them off.

    Thank you, Louise! I was so happy when I found them.

  9. Such a marvelously hand culled selection of items, I can scarcely pick one favourite, and really must tell you how much I adore the items your wonderful shop stocks.

    Thank you dearly for your lovely comments and visits, sweet heart, I hope you're having a marvelous week!
    ♥ Jessica


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