Sunday, November 15, 2009

everything in plaid

When looking over the photos for this Sunday's preview of things coming to the shop next week, the only trend I noticed was: lots of plaid. There's a plaid cape, a plaid wool skirt suit, a plaid Pendleton skirt--even a plaid sweater. And you know what? There's more where that came from! I sincerely hope no one's getting tired of plaid yet. And if you are, there are a couple solid-colored items and some non-plaid prints (the woodgrain print dress, for one!).

But really--who ever gets tired of plaid?

Blue plaid wool capelet.

Sepia brown stripey Cos Cob shirtwaist dress.

Pringle coral red cashmere cardigan.

Cocoa plaid wool suit.

Black shirt dress with a crazy woodgrain print in the fabric (click the photo to enlarge--you should be able to see it!).

Brown and gray wool plaid skirt with belt.

Sweet little flower print sweater.

Mod blue and white dress.

Wool knife pleat olive and gray skirt.

Rococo print blouse.

Sheer print dress with sweet split puffed sleeves.

Pendleton wool red and blue plaid skirt.

Loopy knit pink and orange plaid sweater by Jack Winter.

Green and blue print dress by R&K Originals.

Olive green Koret wool tunic.

Blue rose knit dress with a draped bodice that has some fading to the color, but is still very beautiful.



  1. Hey! Your new photos look smashing dahling! Really!

    I need to email you back.... our internet has been screwy and going in and out and frankly so have I. :)

    I'll try to nail down a reply to ya in the a.m. Until then I hope everyone stay outta the fire!

  2. ahhh that floral print knit sweater made my heart melt....I am going to go check it out right now!

    You have some absolutely stunning pieces!

  3. Ok, sorry, I realized I love that floral sweater. I didn't see it listed in your etsy shop....will it be up this week? :)

  4. Hi there, Kristin! And thank you. I love your blog, which I recently discovered via the wonderful pineapplemint. :)

    I'll be listing the sweater tomorrow. (I'm having some guilt feelings tonight because I went to list the cape that's at the start of this preview, tried it on, and decided to keep it. Bad Karen!)


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