Sunday, November 8, 2009

the magic

I Mad Men-ized myself since it's the last episode of the season. Boy is Joan mad that I'm walking through the office with a martini! This is a fairly realistic representation of daily life in the Small Earth Vintage offices.

Tonight's shop preview is made possible by Mr. Small Earth, Handy Andy, who did all the hard work to set up our brand spankin' new indoor photo studio. He found the fabric for the backdrop and hung it up, reconfigured the basement, and most impressive of all, built filters for the two very strong and warm lights we purchased to light the thing, lights I'm sure I will appreciate when it's freezing in the basement this winter. Here is Andy, making the magic happen:

And here is the first part of this week's sneak preview, which was photographed in the new studio. First up--lots of shoes and accessories. Then some dresses and things. You'll see a couple sparkly holiday and cocktail party-appropriate items in here. More of that in earnest next week!

Vintage Frye cowgirl boots.

Purple suede oxfords.

Flower-bedecked pumps.

Suede and snakeskin pumps.

Red and white suede oxfords.

Black pin up pumps with ribbons on the vamps.

Silver glitter clutch. (Hm. Maybe that's what I'll name my Vegas covers band: Silver Glitter Clutch. Yep.)

Velvet Tapestry Bag. (That's my Stevie Nicks cover band.)

Deadstock brown oxford booties...

...which are the same model as these black ones, from our old shoe store find earlier this past summer.

Deadstock mahogany riding boots from the same find.

Suzy Perette bouclé floral dress, designed by Dreama Peery.

Oversize paisley print wiggle dress.

Midnight blue velvet equestrian jacket.

Blue floral knit wiggle dress.

Party time! Gold brocade cocktail dress with sheer, full skirt and bow at waist.

Gold fleur de lis print dress with bows at neck and cuffs.

Dark blue 1950s sailor style dress.



  1. The new indoor set up looks great.... the lighting seems to be dead on. Now. Put Andy on a plane to Albuquerque. I will pick him up at the airport and he can do the same set up in my living room. Thanks. ;) Oh... and he can bring that navy sailor dress with him too. And the cowgirl boots. Ummmm, yeah.

  2. ditto on everything Bethany said ('cept i'll take the oxfords, too)

  3. You guys! Thank you. That means a lot. I've been looking at the photos and obsessing over them for so long I don't know what's what anymore.

    Bethany, you don't need any help with your photos--they are amazing! You're a freaking artist with your photos. I'm just a workhorse. (I just remembered I have an insane Lucy story to tell.)

  4. I've been wearing my cowboy boots lately, and I love those ones in the picture too! Also, "purple", "suede", and "oxfords" in the same sentence? AMAZING. Those are going to be gone, fast, I betcha!! Congrats on the new indoor setup. :)

  5. love, love, LOVE that gold and black dress! The new set up looks great!

  6. Ooooo! Send me the Lucy story! I hope it is a happy one... no doggie tragedy please!

    We are sittin' here eatin' chai spiced angel food cake with maple creme fraiche. Thankfully that top I bought from you has no waist band. Good Gawd... the winter weather is making me want to eat like crap!


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