Wednesday, November 18, 2009

shop preview potpourri

Shoes, boots, gloves, purses, a camera, dresses, even some men's items, are in the second of this week's shop previews. A little something for everyone--and (unlike a certain cape that was in the last blog preview) I promise not to keep any of it for myself this time!

Deadstock 1970s deep brown leather and suede foldover boots.

Tulip-embroidered deadstock 1960s pumps.

Silvery 1960s key flats!

1960s pale yellow pumps.

Sepia and chocolate brown purse.

1960s vinyl faux croc purse.

Buttery yellow French leather gloves by Kislav.

Brass art nouveau man in the moon buckle.

Argus camera and leather case.

1960s red paisley print draped collar wiggle dress.

Pink zigzag sweater.

Black and white wool flannel ruffle dress.

Green and black plaid pleat-front wool skirt.

1950s chevron stripe dress.

Courvoisier Girl disco shirt!

1970s blue suede jacket.

1950s cream and coffee wool plaid dress by Parade New York.



  1. I love the simplicity of those yellow pumps and the fab box they come in.

  2. You find some of the coolest shoes! I have never seen anything like the key flats; they are amazing. And the flannel ruffle dress is adorable!


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