Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a very Lucky shop preview

For those who haven't already heard (I've been excitedly posting about it everywhere, as have several of my wonderful friends on Facebook!), Small Earth Vintage was featured as a favorite Etsy shop on by writer Jennifer Romolini! It's a lovely piece, and as a longtime Lucky subscriber (initially because I'd heard they were run in large part by former Sassy staffers--oh, Sassy, how I still miss you!), I am so excited, flattered...and still fairly stunned. You can click the link or photo above to go read the great piece.

But life goes on, and in that vein, here is a preview of items coming to the shop shortly.

Caramel and chocolate suede cape with white leather accents.

A kind of wild fuchsia and kelly green rose brocade pleated skirt.

Mustard and gray sweater with little hip pockets.

Blue plaid dress with pleated skirt.

A nubby brown wool tweed skirt.

1950s celadon cotton faille shirtwaist dress with belt.

1940s striped and pleated wool skirt.

A cardigan embroidered with golden roses.

Smashing 1960s tuxedo front dress.

Cotton gold and silver folklore paisley print blouse by Lady Arrow.

1950s L'Aiglon floral print skirt and blouse.

1950s saffron wool plaid pleated skirt.

Vermilion wool fair isle cardigan sweater.

An emerald green wool tweed wiggle dress by Saks Fifth Avenue.



  1. Congratulations!!! Also, that tuxedo dress is toooo cute!

    (I also miss Sassy.)

  2. Aaaahhhh! How awesome, Karen! Congrats, congrats! I remember having a teeny feature from them on Etsy and my hearts skyrocketed that month.
    Your shop deserves it, every time you do an update something just starts tugging at my heart. Right now it's that tuxedo dress!

  3. Congratulations, and totally deserving - your shop is exquisite!! Happy to find you!

  4. oh! Also, can i sing you the Michigan "theme" song? I'm a native mitten state gal and even my boyfriend has it memorized now from me belting it out frequently.... "Yes, Michigan! The feeling's forever..."

  5. Thanks you guys! :)

    Redhed--eek! No, I do not know the song, for which I feel guilty. (I'm not a native, though--only been here 11 years. Still--long enough to learn the song!) I *did* memorize the "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you" state motto in Latin a few years back (but sadly, forgot it almost as soon as I had it memorized!). Thanks for stopping by! xo

  6. I just purchased a 1950s L'Aiglon floral print skirt and blouse, like yours, only mine has a red/black pattern. Found it at a second hand store for $12 (shhhhh!)!!! I'm in love <3 Now I have to find an occasion to wear it.


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