Wednesday, April 29, 2015

shop preview: 1920s lingerie, maxis from the 40s and 70s, and 1950s workwear

A colorful and varied bouquet of vintage fashion is coming to the shop this week!  Everything from 1920s exercise wear to a 1950s lacy prom dress to a mod and colorful maxi dress to a piece of 1940s-50s workwear that could easily double as a cute summer dress!  All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1940s hat print seersucker maxi dress, by Vali.

1960s blue and gray floral print cardigan.

1950s Swirl wrap dress with floral applique.

1950s blue and white polka dot pedal pushers, by Jantzen.

1960s spring green dress with scalloped hem and bow, by Vicki Vaughn.

1940s-1950s red denim workshop apron/coverall, Erwin Blu Surf Sport Denim Styled by Rockland.

1970s Mod Ellipse maxi dress, by Jack Bryan.

1910s-1920s crocheted leaf lace camisole.

1950s pink lace and tulle prom dress with lace capelet.

1950s red, chartreuse, and yellow floral print circle skirt.

1960s lavender floral print dress.

Late 1920s-1930s gym suit, by Betty Brooks.


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