Friday, April 24, 2015

shop accessories preview: 1940s-50s shoes, eyewear, and Coach bags

Here's a preview of a solid little collection of accessories coming to the shop:  1940s-1950s shoes, brass belt buckles, 1950s eyewear, and some great 1970s-1980s Coach leather bags.  All items begin arriving in the shop today!

1940s black velvet pumps, by QualiCraft.

1950s suede and leather slingback heels, by Jacqueline.

Late 1970s-1980s brown leather Coach bag.

Late 1970s-1980s white leather double sided Coach bag, originally a Bonnie Cashin design . . . ?

1940s black corde bag with brown satin lining, by JS Genuine Cordé.

1950s silvertone floral aluminum eyeglasses, by Artcraft.

1950s etched brown and gold glasses.

1980s chunky brass Mike belt buckle.

1980s brass tree belt buckle.


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