Sunday, April 5, 2015

Joan Holloway: "You were crying in the break room, which I have specifically forbidden."

Ah, Joanie!  She's a sexy bombshell with a core of steel.  She's tough and no-nonsense, sometimes even to the point of being a bit frightening, but her advice is always correct ("You want to be taken seriously, stop dressing like a little girl.").  Joan can also be tender, though, and her talents aren't relegated to running the office: she plays the accordion!  

And though Joan generally seems to not take the casual misogyny of the men at Sterling Cooper too seriously, she still suffers from it--and gets angry about it ("You want to be a big shot.  Well, no matter how powerful we get around here, they can still just draw a cartoon.")  When her dream of becoming a wife and mother blows up, she does not just give up.  She focuses her attention on work, and gets herself a partnership in the business.  And in the end we learn that this tough dame is a true romantic at heart.  She won't marry Bob Benson ("Bob, put that away.").  She will only marry again--if she does--for love.

* 1950s silk floral print dress from Bonwit Tiller | missfarfalla
* accordion linocut print poster | thebigharumph
* Avon starburst brooch | Fabvintage1
* vintage ledger book | 86home
* Avon compact with mirror | CrissieGirl
* 1960s Sears manual typewriter | StoryTellersVintage
* 1930s San Francisco Examiner newsroom file cabinet | Nachokitty
* 1950s Naturalizer purse | reconstitutions
* 1950s wooden desk organizer | WhimzyTime
* 1950s high heel pumps | pastoria



  1. Great mix! Thanks for featuring STV's Sears Newport typewriter :)

    Shared here:

  2. Fantastic, Karen!! :Love Mad Men!


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