Tuesday, January 13, 2015

thom browne pre fall 2015

I don't post very often about current womenswear collections.  I do like fashion, am often frustrated by it, and by no means do I follow it closely.  But this collection by Thom Browne (for Pre-Fall 2015) caught my eye.  It is based on the concept of the uniform, and apparently that's something I like (see my somewhat confused love for the Fall 2013 Jil Sander collection, here).  After wearing a Catholic grade school uniform as a child, and rebelling against it ever since, I'm unsure why the concept appeals to me so much.  One thing is certain, though:  the mix of patterns/prints and textures here gives the collection an eclectic feel and really makes the simple shapes used seem less like a uniform.

What else I know I love is the menswear tailoring (and ties!), the short trousers, the coats, and the interesting layers.  Oh, and the accessories--big bags, oxfords, sleek ankle boots, and fun socks.

You can look at the full collection here at WWD.com.


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  1. This has been my favorite pre-fall as well. I especially love the jackets. If you have ever had the chance to see Thom Browne's clothes in person, you know how beautifully made they are as well. Nice!



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